The Truth About Fat Burners

By Paul Becker of

Let’s face it; most of us want to lose fat. It’s a 24/7 battle to stay in shape and an even harder battle to go beyond the norm. Maybe you have 25lbs you need to lose to be a healthier individual, or you want to lose those last five pounds to look better in a dress, whatever it may be the battle of the bulge exists.

At we get numerous questions on a daily basis as to what is “the best” fat burner out there. Flipping through a copy of Oxygen Magazine or Muscle & Fitness Hers and you are literally bombarded with add after add for every type of fat loss product imaginable. It can be frustrating and confusing to say the least. For most it’s an overwhelming topic and very intimidating. That’s ok; we are here to help you make your decision easier.

In this article we will take a look at the different types of fat burners and well tell you what we recommend and why.


Basically when taking Fat Burners these are the big ones. Bottom line, they work fast and immediately, however keep in mind they are basically OTC Drugs and MUST be used correctly.

Most of these Thermogenics work by causing some type of change in the metabolic state of the body. They are designed to do the following:

-Increase Resting Metabolism
-Decrease Appetitive
-Increase Energy Production
-Increase Lypolysis (fat burning)

Thermogenics work very efficiently but keep in mind they are powerful supplements. Most contain MaHuang or Ephedrine and this is not something to be abused. If taken correctly its usually safe, if abused they can be dangerous and harmful. It’s that simple. We ALWAYS recommend the following to ANYONE choosing to use a Thermogenic.

1.) Do not take if you have any of the following
-A thyroid condition or taking thyroid medication
-A heart condition or taking heart medication
-If you are using a MAO inhibitor
-If you are taking mood altering drugs
-If you are pregnant

2.) Always Cycle Them
As a rule of thumb for every 5 days you take a Thermogenic we recommend 2 days off. So either take them
Monday – Friday and weekends off,


Monday Tuesday On, Wednesday off, Thursday and Friday on etc.

For every 4 weeks on a Thermogenic take 1-2 weeks off to let the nervous system adjust. Abuse of these will lead to problems down the road. The key is using them correctly to help your own metabolism.