The Best Body Building Steroids for Men

Bodybuilding has always managed to stay at the top of the list of most popular thing across the world throughout the ages. But the way to it is not so easy. Hard training and the right steroids are the training to achieve the best physique in the world.Steroids are the chemical form that helps in the faster synthesis of protein in the human body which helps them to grow muscles rapidly and helps in body development consequently. Though these are found in the human body naturally, there are some people who are unable to produce them in enough amounts. Thus, they need some extra boost from outside to achieve that kind of body that they were dreaming about.

If coupled with the right amount of exercise and diet, steroids work like wonders. It helps you to work out for a very long period without fatigue and helps in creating require body muscle in very less time. No matter how hard the training goes, sometimes it is not possible to achieve the body that you have been dreaming of without a little boost. Steroids give you that boost from the inside and help you to gain the amount of muscle that you are aiming at without fail. You can either take them orally along with some liver protection or inject them directly into your veins to have the best results on you. Here is the list of the body building steroids that has been proven the best ones for the current year.


Anadrol is the marketplace name of oxymetholone that helps in massive muscle gain over a very short period of time, like six weeks. It is said to be the most popular product among people who are trying to build a good physique. Though you cannot take it as per your assumptions, rather, the dosage of such steroid is determined by the doctor and you need to stick to that strictly to have the best results. Even the medical community uses this to treat patients with muscle entropy and other issues.This steroid is advisednot to take more than six weeks in the cycle.

Cypionate Testosterone

This steroid is already present on the human body but some people cannot produce them in enough amounts naturally. Therefore, they are recommended by the doctor to get these injected at a particular dose. As this helps in huge muscle gaining, it is quite a familiar name in the market for bodybuilding steroids and is quite popular withbodybuilders around the world. The dosage changes with time and you should always follow the doctor’s instruction in this case. It takes for a long time in the body and should never be used more than ten weeks in a cycle.

Deca Durabolin

This one is the second most popular steroid to be taken after testosterone. It is highly used for muscle gain as well as to treat joint pains by athletes. It is usually taken as single injections per week and combined with other drugs to avoid the side effects. Though this steroid has been reportedly producing positive results in men, it shows a really adverse result in women. Therefore femalebodybuilders should avoid it religiously.

Side-Effects of the Steroids

If taken without expert supervision, steroids can show really strong side-effects in men and women. Therefore, it is always preferred to take steroids under a physician’s supervision and you should take the exact amount of drug suggested by the doctor, not less or more. Some of the common side effects of such body building steroids are an increase or decrease in sex drive, erection disorder, aggression, breast swelling in men etc.