How Costly is Hair Transplant in Delhi

Many of us believe that the hair transplant is a costlier option as it is a most advanced cosmetic surgery procedure involves a lot of artistic precision rather than the surgical concern. The hair transplant cost in Delhi seems to be a cheaper option, but it is not and the recognized clinics put the meaty price to offer the services adhered to the best benefits and the facilities. The procedure allows the natural regrowth of hair from the patient’s affected balding areas and the taken grafts/hair roots successfully regrow with all the natural effect and the beauty. It is up to our hair transplant surgeon that how efficiently he performs the surgical procedure and meets the desired cosmetic benefits of the procedure. The hair transplant cost is a random factor that depends on several other factors related to the procedure, either externally or internally. The cost influencing factor in the procedure related to the surgeon’s efficiency and skill and also gets accelerated due to the clinic’s recognition and reputation. It is a fact that the cost of the cosmetic procedure in India is an affordable option that mainly depends on the price of per graft hence the lump sum costs are generally put for the overall surgical procedure.

It is an important concern to know the determining factor that influences the cost of the procedure is described below: –

  1. The Number of usable Graft: How many grafts are required to fulfil the restoration goal is decided by the available grade of baldness! As many grafts are required, the cost of the procedure would increase, and however, the cost of the hair transplant is directly influenced by the graft’s number. Per graft cost in India generally ranges between 25-130 INR/ that are considered as one of the modest cost options cater patients’ across the globe.
  2. The Practiced Technique: There are two techniques applicable in the hair transplant procedure, either; it is FUT or the FUE. Both the techniques are used to extract the needed number of grafts to fulfil the restoration job and one gets the best number of hair roots if the technique is chosen wisely and decided after a careful evaluation the scalp status. Generally, the FUT hair transplant cost is lesser and a wiser option that gives the best number of grafts/hair roots to fulfil the cosmetic goal of the surgery. The FUE weighs the higher cost and involves the use of costly technique influences the procedure charge.
  3. The Available Grade of Norwood Baldness: The cost of the procedure depends on the available grade of Norwood baldness how we are going to describe it with the required number of grafts. As the extent of baldness rises as the need for grafts would be increased and hence the cost of the procedure as well. Of course, the bigger grade of baldness needs a higher number of grafts and the vice versa.
  4. The Reputation of a Surgeon: The reputation of a surgeon does matter in the hair transplant procedure and a recognized and experienced one can assure you about the best results with an aesthetic effect of the procedure. The surgeon must have an active involvement towards the reputed restoration forums, i.e., the ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc. that adds advantages to receive the procedure. The accreditations and recognition, confirm the success in the procedure and thus the cost would be higher if anyone chooses the restoration surgery from the expert surgeons.
  5. The High-density Need: The need for high-density hair transplant accelerates the cost of the hair transplant by increasing the demand of the grafts. The high-density hair transplant either fulfilled by the mega number of grafts or would meet the criteria by applying the combined technique with the FUT+FUE hair transplant. Thus, the cost of the procedure gets the rise and one has to decide the surgical destination, followed by the research and surfing.



On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a costly option when it is decided to receive from the expert surgeon and the reputed clinic that entails the aesthetic precision rather than the surgical concerns.