Factors That Affect the Cost of Assisted Living

If your mom, dad, or an aging loved one is no longer able to live at home without assistance, moving him/her to an assisted living facility can be an excellent option. However, as you make plans to move a loved one to an assisted living community, keep in mind that Medicare won’t cover the bill unless the expense stems from the need for short-term rehabilitation. This means that you will have to pay for these expenses without help from the government.

In your search for an assisted living community for your loved one, you will find yourself awash with a wide variety of options vis-à-vis assisted living costs, services offered, contracts, et cetera. Weigh your choices carefully and take the time to conduct a thorough research to ensure that you make a choice that meets all your objectives. Here are the key factors affecting the cost of assisted living in the United States.


When it comes to the cost of senior living, location plays a great role. Markets vary greatly across the country and even within individual states. Also, the city in which the facility is situated plays a role in determining the overall costs. Local real estate markets have a big impact on costs, the higher the real estate cost, the higher the local assisted living costs will be.


What type of accommodations are you looking for? When it comes to floor plans, single apartments, private bedrooms, senior apartments, and living suites can cost a fortune. Different types of floor plans come with different price tags depending on the level of comfort and privacy. As a client, the more flexible you are in terms of accommodation, the more flexible you will find the cost to be.

Memory Care for Different Types of Dementia

At the later stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, individuals need significant personal care, attention from specialists, access to personalized cognitive care programs, and round the clock supervision. The cost of care increases as the condition advances because the needs also become more advanced. If your aging loved one has dementia, choose a facility that has a dedicated memory care wing or floor for individualized care.

Personal Care Needs

The goal of an assisted living community is to help aging people remain active and independent. The residents in these communities receive just enough assistance and personal care to help them do that. You can keep the assisted living costs in check by making sure that the individual receives only the support and care he/she needs.

The cost of assisted living is relatively high in the United States. Before you choose an assisted living community for your aging loved one, do your homework. Consider all the factors explained above to ensure that you are keeping costs at a minimum.