Everything You Need to Know About Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea

Tea to the Japanese is quite synonymous to what coffee to the Brazilians and ciders to the Europeans is. It is truly an integral part of their culture and often regarded as a festive drink too. Unlike other varieties of green tea, the Japanese Fukamushi Sencha green tea or Fukamushi Cha has a mellow and sweet flavor often loved by most avid tea enthusiasts. Japanese people, who have this tea culture celebrated for centuries, strongly believe that the sencha tea has wondrous medicinal benefits and positive impacts on the immune system.

Types of Sencha tea:

Japanese make a variety of Sencha tea from the same tea leaves of the green tea plants. Some of the most popular varieties include:

Fukamushi variety: Widely popular green tea prepared through a deep steaming process, known for its delicate flavor, strong green color, and numerous health benefits

Chumushi sencha: Light yellowish green color tea with a mellow and buttery flavor, prepared through mild steaming

Asamushi: Lightly steamed leaves, very mild yet pleasing flavor

Shincha: A sweeter variety of Sencha tea

Flavor profile and brewing:

Japanese use the famous Fukamushi teapot for brewing this tea. To get the best-tasting sencha tea, keep the brewing time under a minute and always use a simmering liquid for the steeping process. Using boiling water often imparts a bitter taste by altering the delicate flavor profile of this tea. A good cup of brewed Fukamushi tea looks vibrantly green and tastes sweet with a light, pleasing and delicate aroma.

Fukamushi Processing:

Expert green tea connoisseurs rate Fukamushi sencha tea as one among the top green tea varieties known for their delicate flavors, delectable aroma and pleasant aftertaste. What makes this tea so different is its production process. The sencha green tea leaves go through a deep-steaming process to retain their power-packed nutritional benefits and reduce the raw astringency. The process prevents the oxidation process and improves the shelf-life of this tea greatly. The result is a sweeter tasting sencha tea when brewed perfectly.

But that’s not enough to develop the deep flavor that sencha tea is particularly popular for. The deep steamed tea leaves are roll dried, so they release more flavor. Even though the delicate leaves tend to break during the roll drying process, Fukamushi tea leaves look longer and greener than other traditional green tea varieties.

Sencha tea’s numerous health benefits:

Because of the numerous plant compounds and antioxidants, sencha tea offers a number of health benefits including:

  • Immune building properties
  • Improves brain function and health
  • Promotes a healthy heart and lowers the risk of heart disease.
  • The tea is beneficial for diabetics too.
  • Drinking sencha tea aids in weight loss.

If you have ever thought of trying authentic Japanese tea varieties, then Sencha tea is a must-try option. Expect a refreshing and delectable full-bodied flavor from your finely brewed first cup of Fukamushi tea.