Drugs Addicts Need Special Care to Come Back to Life

Most addiction starts occasionally, either by play or by a challenge, driven by the (completely wrong) belief to quit when desired. Drug addiction creates disorders in the short and long-term that prove disastrous for their safety. it starts with the occasional administration of a substance, to pass after the habitual intake, until the time when it creates a real addiction and drug tolerance, in the sense that the individual needs an increasingly high dose of substance to achieve the same effect. The withdrawal symptoms are ruinous: the arrest of the administration of that substance triggers the rebellion of the central nervous system, which requires it assiduously, causing very serious symptoms. The chances of recovery from drug addiction are indirectly proportional to the period in which drugs were taken: in other words, a toxic tends to heal faster from this terrible condition if he has abused drugs for a short period.

Drug Addiction in Adults

The recognition of drug use in adults can easily be noted, when a more sociable individual suddenly turns to an introvert, mood swings, negligence of the physical appearance and a total change of character, theses some signs. When these are noticed in an individual, dialogue with close ones and medical consultation are certainly very useful measures to call the individual back.    


In most cases, drug addicts do not see a way out of that vortex that has engulfed them; the support of family and friends is so important, but drug therapy is, in general, the most suitable and often completely resolving therapeutic approach.

It should be noted that the addict complains of mute cerebral suffering, in the sense that the physical and psychological symptoms are the result of drugs and nothing is invented or intentionally elaborated by their mind. The cerebral suffering, we are discussing should not be understood only during abstinence crises, rather it should also be considered and especially in the long term: the toxic that follows a specific pharmacological and psychological therapy is subjected to a constant desire to fall again in temptation – allegorically speaking – and take on the substance again.

The chances of getting out of drug addiction to depend both on the time when therapy is started and on the drug addict’s collaboration; for some, the recovery from drug addiction is only an illusion, a mirage that cannot be transformed into reality.

Precisely with the aim of converting that dream, that hope into something concrete, many centers of detoxification and recovery have arisen such as Neworld Medical Detox Centre. The addict who has undergone similar treatment must fight with all his abilities to overcome drug addiction: willpower is an indispensable ingredient to get out of that tunnel.