Different Medical Test for Immigrants

So, you have finally made up your mind to leave your country, you have planned for the trip and can’t wait to travel out. Do you know that there are procedures you need to follow before you travel out? Among the procedures is a medical test that determines your state of health. This ensures that you are healthy and fit to migrate to another country without any health challenges. Now the question is, what are the important medical checkups one can undergo before he or she finally leaves the country?

Blood Test

This is a type of test carried out on an immigrant, which provides necessary information about the liver and kidney function, blood platelets and hemoglobin. It also points out the presence of some deadly virus like HIV, Lassa fever rift valley fever, Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, and some others dangerous virus which is contagious.

Chest X-ray

You cannot migrate to most countries in the world without going for this test in particular. It is a test carried out to indicate reduced breath,

A persistent cough (tuberculosis), lungs infection and any other type of chest complication that can put your life and that of others when you leave. And this is why it’s one of the top medical tests one should not fail to undergo before migrating. CIC approved immigration doctors in Toronto has rendered loads of speech on the importance of this test and how it best help migrants.

Urine Test

This test is carried out with the purpose of finding out any urinary tract infection. It can also be used to identify or point out liver or kidney infections. Before you are allowed to sit for this test, you are to provide or list any prescription or medication you have been taking and if you have any pre-existing medical condition.

General Health Check-up

This comprises some other fitness diagnosis done to check your overall health condition, blood sugar level, hypertension, ulcer and some other health challenges that may pose a threat to your life.

In conclusion, the essence of all the test mentioned above is to ensure maximum health condition and keep you safe from communicable diseases that might as well put others at risk. Ensure that you undergo the test mentioned above before migrating to other countries of your choice. Search for a good and reputable immigration medical clinic with 100% e-medical that can help complete your entire immigration medicals.