CBD: a glimpse at what it can help with

If you have heard of cannabidiol (CBD) but have no idea about what it is, then don’t fret – there are millions in the same boat! CBD is marking a new age in cannabis research and is promising to transform the role that the plant has in society. Unlike the full plant, CBD cannot get you stoned. Anybody who is taking it is doing so to obtain the substance’s therapeutic benefits.

The popularity of wholesale CBD products is unprecedented, especially considering that CBD research is still ongoing – in truth, scientists have only discovered the foundations of cannabinoid science, and more discoveries are set to come in the next couple of decades. But CBD is available now, and people are using it with confidence to treat an assortment of conditions. CBD can be used to enhance physical performance, and also to improve our state of mind.

While around 60 percent of people take CBD for medicinal purposes, that leaves two in five people who are using it as a supplement, knowing that a regular intake of CBD can provide essential regulation to the body’s endocannabinoid system.

In this article, we’ll go over seven sicknesses that CBD may help to treat.

Chronic pain

A number of conditions come under the chronic pain umbrella, but as the analgesic properties of CBD are the same for all, we will tackle them as one. CBD can be vaporized for instant relief from severe pain, taken in edible form for more prolonged benefits, or liberally lathered onto the skin for localized benefits. CBD reduces the body’s perception of pain by influencing the central nervous system, and specifically through CB1 receptors via the promotion of anandamide.

Headaches and migraines

Blurred vision, light-headedness, heightened sensitivity to sound and light, and intense, unrelenting pain are all symptoms of migraines. What causes migraines? Despite decades of modern scientific research, we still aren’t sure. However, the fact that cannabis was being prescribed for migraines from the 1840s until prohibition suggests we may have gone backwards, not forwards.

Radical new research has shown that the symptoms of migraines can be traced back to a troublesome endocannabinoid system – specifically, too little production of essential endocannabinoids like anandamide. CBD can help to treat these previously unknown issues, and reset the endocannabinoid system to normal.


Depression patients have had to put with poor treatment options for decades, and it’s no surprise that they are starting to turn away from SSRIs in their droves. For many, CBD is a much preferable antidepressant because it’s quick to take effect, and doesn’t cause dependency. The exact mechanism in which CBD relieves depression is unclear (which is the case for most antidepressant drugs), but it’s likely a combination of alleviating inflammation and treating chemical imbalance.


Osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are different, but both appear to be aided by CBD treatment. The former is not believed to be caused by inflammation, but CBD can help to reduce the pain caused by OA, and maybe repair the joint cartilage which has broken down and left the bones exposed – using a CBD cream may yield better results than oils, edibles and vape juices.

RA, however, is an autoimmune disease, and it’s easier to see why CBD is an effective treatment. Modulating the immune system via the endocannabinoid system is one of the key attributes of CBD, and this effect helps to reduce the inflammation that makes RA so painful.

Insomnia, sleep apnea and more

Not getting enough sleep? Whether this is because you are unable to drop off, or are being woken up in the middle of the night, CBD can be of assistance. CBD is biphasic, and is renowned for having a relaxing and sedative effect when taken in bigger amounts. A potent and immediate hit of CBD is great for when you cannot sleep, and this can be obtained from a CBD vape oil wholesale. However, if staying asleep is your issue, due to sleep apnea or anything else, try CBD capsules instead.


As with depression, patients with anxiety have experienced the frustration of having poor treatment options for too long. However, CBD not only works for anxiety management, but e-liquids and tincture oils kick in so rapidly, and from the first dose, that patients can get relief straight away – as opposed to with SSRIs, where they have to wait weeks.

CBD has been found to help with generalized anxiety and social anxiety (which also includes public speaking anxiety).