Causes of Wrinkles and How Skin Laser Rejuvenation Helps

Many people think the wrinkles are the signs of aging, and they surely are, but many other factors are also at work here. Your skin loses elasticity with age, and it is natural to develop fine lines and wrinkles as a natural aging process. Interestingly, these physical signs of aging may sometimes have no connection with aging at all. When your wrinkles are not a sign of aging, you can always get good results through skin laser rejuvenation and other medical treatments. However, you need to learn about other causes and change your lifestyle to get better results. Here is a bit about the causes of wrinkles:

  • Exposure to Sun: It is important to spend time out in the sun to get the much-needed vitamin D, but an overexposure is something that can damage your skin in many ways. Both UVA and UVB rays are harmful to your skin – they can penetrate deep into your skin and cause premature aging. If your job involves spending too much time in the sun, it may be the reason why you are dealing with so many wrinkles. Simply limit your exposure to the sun and you will notice good results. Keep in mind that sun damage can make you lose elastin and collagen, and also increases your risk of skin cancer. So, take necessary steps for protection.
  • Polluted Environment: There are all sorts of pollutants in your environment and prolonged exposure can damage your skin in a big way. Pollution contributes to free radical damage and also increases your risk for cancer. Studies have found that women living in urban settings are likely to have more wrinkles as compared to those living in rural areas. If you cannot change the environment around you, be sure to take steps to protect your skin as much as you can. Wash your face often and use special skincare products for added protection.
  • Lack of Sleep: Not getting enough sleep every night can affect the quality of your skin and lead to a number of other health problems, including obesity, diabetes, and what not. Your body repairs itself when you are asleep, and not giving it enough time to complete the process can cause all sorts of problems. Moreover, not getting enough sleep can change the pH of your that affects the ability of your skin’s cells to stay hydrated. Again, it is going to contribute to wrinkles and age spots. Be sure to get at least 8 hours of shut-eye every night to stay healthy.

In addition to these, there are other factors contributing to wrinkles, but you can alter your lifestyle and try skin laser rejuvenation for quick results. A medical expert will use Radio Frequency, Intense Pulsed Light, or Infrared technologies to correct skin blemishes, age spots, and wrinkles to help you have firmer, clearer, and younger looking skin. Interestingly, these treatments are quite suitable for the chest, neck, and hands as well. So, talk to your skin specialist to learn about laser skin rejuvenation for desired results.