5 Ways to Practice Body Image

We often do not notice what we tell people in ignorance about their body but those causal words spoken in complete negligence can form the basis of somebody’s views about themselves in life. Therefore, it is rightly said that one should choose their words wisely. Our body is like a temple that has sheltered our soul for an entire life. We want it to be decorated with the most beautiful compliments ever. In order to create a positive body image, there should be a lot of altercations in our lives. We suggest you 5 ways to practice body image in a positive way.

  1. Accept yourself:

The most practical approach towards forming a positive body image is to accept yourself in your present state without disregarding its forms. For example, if you have a scar on your face which is significantly visible and incurable in your means, then it is better to accept and embrace it as your uniqueness instead of developing a hate for it. All the negativity that you will develop for your body is going to show in your actions, behaviors, and thoughts. Therefore, be very accepting about your body and stop fighting what you cannot change.

  1. Appreciate yourself at least once a day:

We meant to say that atleast once a day! It is significantly important to appreciate yourself before we can appreciate others. A person who has a sense of dejection towards own body is bound to have feelings of longing and comparison which reflects in their attempts of appreciation as well. Therefore, it is better that you begin the journey of a thousand miles at home. Learn to appreciate yourself at least once a day and make yourself feel good.

  1. Make health as your target and not weight or shape:

It is good to have a desire for fitness and good body but at the same time, you must know that weight or the shape of the body do not mark your fitness. There are thousands of lean people in the world who wish to gain some strength because their body is too weak to support their life functions every day. At the same time, there are overweight people who live a healthy, active lifestyle despite being a little out of shape from what we predict as ‘unfit’. So focus on health and not shape and size.

  1. Be more active than lethargic:

If we hide in a shell created by our own imaginary boundaries of mind, we may end up being more lethargic than active. We do not enjoy things in life that are lesser rewarding. Laziness can only be good during off days in life but forever, it sucks the liveliness out of us. Therefore, push yourself to become active and energetic. Workout every day, go for a walk and find your active spot.

  1. Opt for meditation to develop a positive body image:

If you have learned about mind training techniques, then you must know that meditation is one of them. We must know that meditation is a convincing technique to train your mind to develop a positive body image. With meditation, we can make ourselves accept the realm of life and the state of our body as we have it. We learn to respect our possession and make it better with efforts and not negativity.