3 Ways to Remove Age Spots on Your Hands

Nobody wants to see age spots developing on their hands but unfortunately, these darker spots become a lot more common from 40 onwards.

There is lots of information out there on how to get rid of age spots on your hands that it can be difficult to know what really works.

We look at the three most popular ways to remove age spots so that you can decide which option is best for you.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Age Spots on Your Hands

Off-the-shelf creams

If you have to walk into a store looking for a cream that will clear up the age spots on your hands, you will be met with hundreds of options.

Unfortunately, there are very few creams that can actually do what they say they can. At best, most creams will merely lighten the spots instead of clearing them up completely.

If you do want to try an over-the-counter product, look into serums as they are generally richer in essential minerals and effective ingredients. You may also notice that serums tend to cost slightly more but this is because they are usually more effective than an average anti-ageing cream.


Laser treatments are probably one of the most effective ways to treat age spots on your hands and certain types of lasers will work on all skin tones and areas of the body, including the chest, hands and face.

Pico Genesis has become one of the most popular treatments for age spots because it works differently to older lasers. Short pulses are used to break down the skin’s pigment into tiny particles, which are then naturally eliminated by the body. The Pico laser is also known to produce results a lot faster than a lot of other lasers.

It should also be noted that laser treatments are quick and don’t require any downtime, which is an added bonus. It is also painless, which means that a numbing cream won’t need to be used at all.

Following any laser treatment though, it’s crucial that you care for your skin using sunscreen to prevent harmful side effects. To find out more about the Pico laser treatment, visit https://miraclinic.com.au/pico-genesis/

Prescription Treatments

You can also go the route of asking your dermatologist for a prescription cream that can be used to lighten any age spots that have appeared on your hands.

There are a number of different medications such as Tri-Luma that come highly recommended for this exact purpose. These types of prescription medications can also be used to treat brown spots on the face. However, users of these creams should be extra cautious as some of them can make you more susceptible to sunburn, which can cause your spots to become even darker.

Overall, all three of these options do have the potential to work but since there are so many different products on the market, you may end up spending money on several products that don’t work before you find one that does. It’s for this reason that laser treatments are probably a more viable option.